Monk's Cloth

16.00 USD
Material : 100% Cotton
Width : 150cm (60inches)
Sold by the yard
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Made in Korea

100% Cotton

Sale unit : 150cm * 90cm

❗️Error range : 1cm ~5cm


*When you order more than 2 units, it will be delivered without cutting.

For example, if you orfer 2 units of Monk's cloth, it will be delivered as 150cm * 180cm


When you do a punch needle, it is very important to work with a suitable foundation fabric.

I strongly recommend you enjoy a punch needle with this monk's cloth.

The punch needle goes through the fabric softly.

This has a good fix power of yarn.

It helps for you to refix your work as it tends to be an original knitted fabric contidion.











Delivery period :  It will take 7 ~ 14 after the payment.


If your order is large in volume or delayed due to production conditions, it may take longer than the average delivery time.

In case of a delay, we will either notify you of the delay or contact you individually.

 Weekends and holidays are excluded from the default delivery date.









Monk's Cloth

16.00 USD
Additional Price
Out of Stock
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